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Selection Process
Our clients can be assured the following key components always form the basis of our screening, evaluation and selection procedures.

Personnel Opportunities Ltd. utilizes a five-tier approach in the selection process that is consistently applied to each individual by one of our experienced consultants.

All potential applicants are carefully screened to ensure quality and skill requirements meet our clients' specifications.

Personal Interviews
In-depth, behavioural interviews are conducted to identify skill level, experience and aptitude. Attitude and professionalism are also taken into consideration.

Skill Assessment and Evaluation
Each individual undergoes the appropriate skill assessment/tests based on their experience, background, and the position requirements. Each specific skill assessment is thoroughly evaluated.

Personnel Opportunities Ltd. in conjunction with our client can customize how reference checks will be conducted. In some cases, hiring companies prefer to do their own referencing. If you have specific information that you would like to obtain about a potential employee we would be happy to comply.

Each employee undergoes a thorough orientation to familiarize themselves with Personnel Opportunities Ltd. office procedures, and our clients' expectations for each temporary position and permanent job interview.

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