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Quality Control
It is our belief that a sound quality control program must begin at the recruitment stage in order to be effective. Thorough screening, testing and evaluation procedures are critical in the selection process in order to achieve a superior level of service quality.

To follow, are traditional elements included in our overall approach to quality control. Each element can be modified to suit your particular requirements.

Arrival Checks
An arrival check is done on the first day of each assignment, approximately 30 minutes after the scheduled start time to confirm our employee has arrived, as deemed necessary by our client.

Performance Checks
At least two verbal performance checks are made for each assignment. The first check is done on the last day of the assignment as deemed necessary by our client.

8 Hour Guarantee
Personnel Opportunities Ltd. offers an 8 hour guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with our employee's performance, you will not be charged for the initial 8 hours. We appreciate being notified within the first day of the assignment and a suitable replacement will be sent as soon as possible.

Quality Control Fax Back/Online Form (online form)
A written quality control assessment will be sent to each client after completion of the assignment or may be filled out online. It gives you the opportunity to comment on the overall quality of service you received. It allows you to keep or print the original report for your own records, saves you unnecessary postage and ensures that we receive the information promptly.

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